Better Chicago’s November Dog of the Month: Mr. Ruben Oliver

Meet a good-natured Mini Goldendoodle living in the Fulton River District who loves riding in convertibles and happy hours at Clark Street Ale House.

Who: Mr. Ruben Oliver (aka Mr. Wet Nose or DAC Doodle)

Better Chicago Dog of the Month Ruben Oliver November
Photo courtesy of Ericka Rios.

About: 4.5 year old male Mini Goldendoodle

Lives In: Fulton River District with his parents Ericka Rios and Joe Hable. Rios, who is a Principal, Director of Leasing at Downtown Apartment Company, answered our questions below.

Follow: On Instagram at @mr.rubenoliver

How did you and Ruben find each other?

“Although I am highly allergic to animals, I really love pets and wanted to own a dog, so we selected a hypoallergenic Mini Goldendoodle from a breeder in Southern Illinois. We chose this breed because I have always been a big fan of Golden Retrievers. Mini Goldendoodles have the same lovable personality with the added bonus of looking like a big teddy bear.”

Tell us how you support Paws Chicago.

“We do believe in and support animal adoption agencies and shelters. We routinely participate in fundraising efforts for Paws Chicago and recently donated to support the organization’s work through its annual calendar program. Ruben loves posing for a camera, so we felt he was a natural choice to be the cover boy for Paws Chicago’s 2020 calendar.”

Ruben Oliver Better Chicago Dog of the Month November
Photo courtesy of Ericka Rios.

How did you decide on Ruben’s fun name?

“We named our pup after my husband’s favorite sandwich, the Rueben, but I spelled it the Spanish way in a nod to my family’s heritage. As a regular fixture around the Downtown Apartment Company office, he’s also affectionately known as the DAC Doodle.”

What does Ruben love to do in Chicago?

“Ruben loves all of the action in Chicago. He enjoys taking long walks by the Chicago River, riding around the city in Dad’s convertible, and accompanying us to our favorite pet-friendly restaurants and bars. His favorites are City Mouse Chicago, The Hoxton Hotel, and happy hours at Clark Street Ale House.”


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Does Ruben have any quirks or interesting traits?

“Ruben is a hard-working pup! He LOVES coming with me to the office every day and he gives lots of tail wags and snuggles to our agents and clients. He always wants to be part of the action, so he hates it when I close a door. If I have a meeting in the conference room, he will sit outside and gently paw the glass door until I let him in. His inner diva loves to get a nice warm bath and blowout. He also loves swimming and eating string cheese.”

Can you tell us a funny story?

“Unlike most dogs, Ruben loves to wear clothes, especially sweaters and hats. He won 1st Place at a Halloween dog costume contest last year because he was the only dog who enjoyed wearing his Popeye costume and hat! He also likes to wear swag from clients and his must-have fashion accessory is a personalized scarf.”


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How will you celebrate his Better Chicago Dog of the Month feature?

“We will celebrate by giving him his favorite treats from City Mouse Chicago — carrots and ice cream — and take him out for a ride on the town in Dad’s convertible.”

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