In a Bad Economy, Collaboration is Key

For women looking to get back into the working world, being a competitive player from the get-go is not always the best idea.

Mackevich Glazer is the owner and manager of Legal Launch LLC and says that up until now there was always economic growth in the field of law. Now the climate of the community is different than lawyers have ever seen.

Glazer, an advisor to lawyers seeking jobs in a shrinking job market, now sees a greater lack of permanency and reliability in the workplace. “People don’t know where their next job is going to be, many of those are my clients,” she says.

When Glazer first started in the business, she learned the tricks of the trade on the clients’ dime. “There is no room for that anymore. The rules of the game have changed in the middle of the game,” she says. Women slowly getting their feet wet again could be ruthlessly pushed off to the side.

At Make It Better’s Re:Work luncheon in May, Glazer saw a completely different side to the “your competitor is your enemy” mindset in her “unbelievably competitive” world. The word collaboration had been something of a foreign concept up until then.

She was amazed at how welcoming and open the attendees and speakers were.

Since then, Glazer has started bringing this idea of helping others in times of shared trouble into her own business. She has even started working with some of the attendees she met at the event.

Her best piece of advice to women starting their second go-around? “Don’t make it just about you.”

In essence, in a time when businesses are struggling left and right, success should no longer be mutually exclusive.