Don’t Delay—Go with Your Passion, Says Author Diane Falanga

Diving back into the work force after taking time off to raise kids, or for any reason really, can be difficult.

For this reason, Make It Better held our Re:Work event to give advice to women looking to get back on the career track.

Diane Falanga was one of our expert panelists brought in to give tips and empower the women at the event. She strongly recommends discovering your passions and doing something you love. As author of the popular book, “P.S. I Hate It Here,” a funny collection of kids’ letters to home from camp, Falanga seems to have followed her own advice.

Falanga was first inspired to create her book when her own child wrote home from camp. She found the letter humorous, and found that others did, too. After sifting through thousands of other similar letters people sent, she selected around 150 of the best. Now, the book has been optioned by Disney for a possible movie.

“Go with your passion, go with your heart, don’t be dissuaded,” she says. “Figure out what you love and go for it. Don’t be intimated because there are people younger than you, or maybe people who have more education.”

As for that gap in your resume where you took some time off, Falanga recommends being proud of the time you spent home with your family.

“Those life experiences—school volunteer opportunities, and community involvement—was time well and importantly spent,” she says.

Perhaps most importantly, don’t wait to begin striving for your goals.

“Don’t put things off.  If you have an idea, a brainstorm, epiphany or burst of energy—go for it. Don’t get mired in negativity—your own or anyone else’s,” Falanga says.

Never think your goals are unrealistic or impractical. After all, something as insignificant as a child’s letter could be the inspiration and beginning of fulfilling all your aspirations.