Working Vintage into a Modern Wardrobe

It’s no secret that vintage is IN, but how do you integrate vintage style into your wardrobe without looking like you’ve just stepped off the set of Mad Men?

Highland Park mother-daughter team Adrienne and Tracey Baskin are the owners of NOV, which sells vintage clothing and accessories.

Their collection started with T-shirts but has grown to include jewelry, handbags, belts, dresses and reworked picture frames made with antique broaches.

The Baskins explain, “Even though vintage implies ‘old,’ all fashion stems from reinterpreting past trends and styles.”

Many of the Baskin’s clients include stylists, but they also welcome shoppers into their home showroom. Or you can shop NOV online at Etsy, at numerous local festivals, or host a private vintage party featuring NOV wares.

Adrienne and Tracy’s rules for working vintage into your wardrobe:

Don’t sport all vintage pieces at one time.
Blend modern clothes with vintage accessories. In turn, if you wear a vintage dress, pair it with a contemporary handbag or an updated piece of jewelry.

Develop a look around a vintage item. Allow a standout necklace or stack of eye-catching bangles to be the focus of your outfit. For example, wear a simple top or little black dress with a striking vintage accessory.

Don’t be afraid to alter a vintage piece you love. You may have to tailor it or make a slight change to enhance the look.

Select vintage pieces that speak to you and represent your personal style.


  • Make sure vintage accessories, jewelry, and clothing are in good condition.
  • Wear your hair and makeup modern or as you normally would.
  • If you have a favorite era, find a vintage piece from that time.
  • Have a pulse on what’s “in fashion” today so when you shop for vintage you stay focused on a look. For example, this season was all about ethnic/tribal looks, rompers, half shirts and boho-chic style.

As with everything, attitude and confidence go a long way, so wear vintage with pride, knowing it’s a unique expression of yourself!

To set up an appointment at the Baskins, email Tracey at [email protected] or Adrienne [email protected].

Check out NOV on Facebook, on Etsy under seller name “shopNOV,” or at

Upcoming vintage shows featuring NOV
Highwood Street Market: August 21 & 22, September 18 & 19
Chicago Antique Market: August 28 & 29, September 25 & 26
The Vintage Bazaar: August 22
Lake Forest Antiques and Treasures in the Field: September 12

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