Creating Effective Web Ads

 Rule of thumb: less is more

  • 3-8 words
  • No phone numbers
  • No addresses
  • No web addresses



You don’t have to be serious

  • Have fun! Get your users attention.



Decide: branding or action campaign?
  • Branding: Heavy on logo
  • Action:
    – “Buy now”
    – “Download here”



 One clear, strong message

  • Give your audience one simple, clean message to react to!
Before: 585x200ThatLittleMexicanCafe
After: 585x200ThatLittleMexicanCafe-mock



 Use action words

  • Tried and true words that influence users to click:
– Free
– Download Now
– WIN!
– Limited time offer
– Secret
– Click to buy



 The squint test

  • Does your ad pass the squint test?
    – See if you can squint and still make out the logo and the purpose of the banner ad



 Designate a specific, active landing page

  • Give your audience the information they’re looking for right away.



 Leave them wanting more

  • Mystery is a good thing! Users should be intrigued by your message to want to click for more information.



 Make sure your ad looks like it belongs on the website

  • Consider the best use of the size and placement of the ad




  • Rule of thumb: if it does not work as a static ad, it will not be better animated
  • Animation should be used to get attention



Need more ideas or help designing you ad? Contact your account representative or email [email protected]