Best Dressed Women: Jennifer Sobecki

For the past seven years, Jennifer Sobecki has been the executive director of Designs for Dignity, an organization that provides pro bono interior design services and in-kind donations to nonprofits that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to spruce up their spaces. The organization works with eight to 10 nonprofits annually and celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2009.

“We’re well on our way to making this a national model,” Jennifer says.

Since she’s responsible for fundraising and event planning for the organization, Jennifer’s fashion choices are usually determined by what will look good and be functional at the same time.

“When I’m done planning the event, I’ll go out and shop,” she says of dressing for Designs for Dignity benefits. And lucky for her, her pixie haircut adds a fresh twist to any outfit. Her textural dress is from Macy’s—so it fit her nonprofit budget, she explains with a laugh.

“It’s important to be comfortable but still have fun with whatever I’m wearing,” she says. “Keep it classic and look for good lines.”

What the judges said about Jennifer:

“I love the style of her dress, and the short hair. So fun. And, I love what Designs for Dignity does!”

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