Chicago Cubs Empowers Players and Staff to Give Back

Businesses built on good values ultimately become the most successful. Think Whole Foods, Starbucks, hospitals built to the highest LEED standards using designs known to uplift spirits and promote healing, high-end event vendors who give back, and (ahem) Make It Better.

As Wharton Business School wunderkind professor Adam Grant demonstrates in his New York Times best-selling book “Give and Take,” the most successful CEOs are givers, not takers. The rising tide of social entrepreneurs and millenials who insist that their work and their consumer dollars do good are further evidence of Grant’s theory.

Now, there’s proof that this may also be true for professional sports teams – as demonstrated by the Chicago Cubs.

As you will learn in this video, the Ricketts family bought the Cubs with three goals – to build a World Series-winning team, to restore Wrigley Field and to “be a good neighbor” by promoting as much good in the community as possible, through Cubs Charities and by underwriting the charitable efforts of players and staff.

As Connie Falcone, VP of development for Cubs Charities, explains, “No other Major League Baseball team offers this kind of comprehensive support of player and staff philanthropy.” The team finds this helps the Cubs recruit big talents who also have big hearts – like Manager Joe Maddon.

Make It Better is delighted that Maddon selected our Philanthropy Award winner Crushers Club to benefit from Main Event, his first major fundraiser with Cubs Charities. We’re also delighted that the team Maddon manages is poised for post-season play.

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