Classic Kids Seeks an Extraordinary Family

Do you know someone who deserves to have a reminder of her family’s spirit, love and hope?

Perhaps this family has a loved one away at war or has experienced a tragedy this year. Or perhaps it is a single parent who is struggling or someone who is selflessly going above and beyond to give back despite her own personal hardships.

Whatever the story, this is a family that cannot afford professional photography but would truly cherish a family portrait. Classic Kids would like to know these families, and the studio wants to give to them this holiday season.

Classic Kids Photography would like to gift one extraordinary family with $1,500 towards a photography sitting and photos of their family.

Help Classic Kids give them something to love and to have forever. Send them your nominations and stories! E-mail nominations to [email protected].

Classic Kids is spreading the love across the country and gifting a family at each one of their 9 studios. If you know a family in a different city, check their website to see if there is a studio nearby. If so, that story counts!

Classic Kids looks forward to your submissions. Happy holidays!


* One family winner per studio.

* Family must live within 45 miles of a studio.

* People cannot nominate themselves, and the person/family nominated must truly be incapable of purchasing Classic Kids work.

* Story/nomination must tell: who it is, where they live, what they’re experiencing, and why they deserve Classic Kids’ artwork. Contact info must also be included for the nominee and person submitting (name/phone number/address).

Stories can be submitted via e-mail to [email protected] by 12 noon CST on Dec. 24, 2009.  Winner will be chosen and contacted on Dec. 24.