Community Celebrations: Hadley Institute and the Garden Guild of Winnetka

"Pondless" Waterfall at Hadley Institute

The Garden Guild of Winnetka dedicated a new “pondless” waterfall to the Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired on June 8. This marks over 60 years of generosity from the Garden Guild. Chimes surround the waterfall as well as shade-loving plants like bright yellow poppies.

John Eskandari, an instructor at the Chicago Botanic Garden, is in charge of the Hadley garden. He told dedication attendees about the improvements to the garden’s sensory aspects. New plants like lavender and jasmine provide both a tactile and an olfactory experience for the visually impaired. Additionally, plants like the orange lantana and the purple angleonia provide a powerful color contrast for those with limited vision. Bird feeders tempt songbirds to make an appearance, and the waterfall provides a calming stream of water.

Descriptions of all the different plants are available in braille and in print at Hadley’s front desk. In another 60 years, who knows how the Hadley garden will engage our senses.

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