Eligible Bachelors of the North Shore

It’s Valentine’s Day ladies, and if you don’t have a special sweetie to celebrate with, don’t despair. The North Shore may seem staid and family oriented, but there are lots of good-looking, interesting men out there.

Check out Make It Better’s sampling of some of the most eligible bachelors in the neighborhood. See someone here you’d like to date? Tell us about it, and you could win a date with the man of your dreams. The best “why I would like to go out with him” e-mail gets a night out on Make It Better. Be creative, and send your pitch to [email protected]

Cool in the Pool
Terry Silkaitis, 26

It’s not surprising that Terry Silkaitis is a swim coach for the Evanston YWCA Flying Fish. Terry grew up in Evanston and grew up in the pool. His name is still on the record boards at ETHS.

At the University of Minnesota, where he majored in film, Terry was named Big 10 Swimmer of the Year in 2003. He narrowly missed making the 2004 U.S. Olympic team.

Now Terry is leading by example, coaching for the Flying Fish. The thing he likes most about his job is helping younger swimmers reach a higher level in the sport.

“I’ve watched kids grow into amazing swimmers, and it’s cool to be a part of it,” He says.

Terry still swims but he also runs and bikes, training for his newest obsession: triathlons. He likes to eat well and is an avid cook. The morning I talked with him, he’d made himself chai pancakes from scratch.

Terry is looking for woman close to his own age who enjoys spending time outdoors. Despite standing out as a swimmer for many years, Terry considers himself to be pretty shy.

“It would be nice to find someone who would bring me out of my shell a little,” he admits.

This Doc Rocks
Michael Sommerfeld, 37

Michael Sommerfeld is a busy guy. First, he’s a physician and partner at Lake Forest Medical Associates. Second, he’s an involved father of two darling little girls from his previous marriage. Actually, Michael would reverse the order on that. His daughters come first.

Michael grew up in Northbrook, went to the University of Illinois, studied medicine at The Chicago Medical School and now lives in Deerfield. He enjoys practicing internal medicine, especially since it allows him to interact with patients of all ages.

“It’s a window into people at different stages of their lives,” he says.

Despite his demanding practice and commitment to his kids, Michael still finds time to play guitar in a classic rock cover band called, appropriately, Borrowed Time. The band jams most Thursday nights at The Alley in Highwood.

Michael isn’t necessarily searching for a soul mate, but he’d like someone special to hang out with—a woman who is independent, fit and fun. He enjoys going out to hear live music and is taking up golf. He doesn’t have a particular “type,” but he wouldn’t mind dating a gal who lives close by and is on the taller side. (Michael stands 6 feet.)

Even though time is an issue, Michael is open to whatever direction a new relationship might take.

“When you want to be with someone, you make it happen,” he says

Want to see Michael in person? Borrowed Time plays at the Alley in Highwood on Saturday, Feb. 6.

Complex with a hint of Cubs
Chris Kaminski, 42

Chris Kaminski grew up in a foodie family in Glencoe, but it wasn’t until he tasted a mind-blowing ’92 Pommard French Burgundy in his 20s that he got hooked on wine. Now Chris is a wine broker, representing Spanish wines to restaurants and wine shops in Chicago and on the North Shore.

Chris loves the freedom of his job. Building long-term relationships with his customers suits his friendly, low-key style.  Chris does a lot of wine tasting events and especially enjoys pairing the right wine with different types of food.

Chris is divorced with no children. He shares his home in Lincoln Square with his dog Django, a rescued Plotthound. He’s a dedicated runner, golfer, Cubs fan and loves to travel.

“My passion is discovering new places and cultures,” he said.

Chris’s job requires him to be social, so he’d like to meet an outgoing woman who is fun, independent and able to hold her own in company. He has a preference for blondes, and after living in the South for a while, is looking forward to meeting someone from the North Shore.

For a great wine to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Chris recommends either Juan Gil Monastrel, a complex red, or Leopardi Rose, a sparkling Cava—both from Spain.

Hollywood meets the ‘Burbs
Dana Olsen, 52

Dana Olsen might be one of the few Hollywood screenwriters living on the North Shore, but he’s fine with that. Dana, who grew up in Park Ridge and attended film school at Northwestern, much prefers the authenticity of Wilmette to the L.A. scene.

Dana has been writing comedic screenplays for more than 25 years, including hits like George of the Jungle and The ‘Burbs, and he even did some acting in his day. Right now, he’s working on a book.

“I’m dedicated to the creative life,” he says. “I’ve never done anything other than write for a living, and I like that I’m my own boss.”

Dana is a divorced father of three teens and spends a lot of time with his kids. His weekend activity of choice is going out to hear live music, most recently the band Meat Puppets, and seeing all sorts of strange films. Good food is a priority; he loves trying new restaurants as well as cooking at home. His specialty is “peasant food”—big plates of hearty, steaming food like Jambalaya.

Dana values people who keep it real and don’t take themselves too seriously. He’d like to meet a woman of his generation who has a great sense of humor, a big heart, and an appreciation of the creative process.