Founder’s Letter: Smiles, Tears, Sometimes Dirt

I love to look and feel stylish. When someone compliments my clothes or accessories, I twinkle.

And almost always, those compliments make me think about my 21-year-old fashionista daughter, Skatie, because I look best (and get compliments) when she dresses me.

Nonetheless, clothes are rarely an important part of the happiest or most memorable days of my life. Instead, what I remember wearing at those times are smiles, tears, and sometimes dirt. For example, childbirth six times, really messy and fun birthday parties in our back yard, camping/canoeing/portaging through muck in the Canadian woods, watching my kids perform on stage or in athletic competitions and delivering winter outerwear to the homeless on Christmas Eve.

Similarly, I can’t tell you what I was wearing when I learned that my kids didn’t make the show or the team, when I sat with my father in the hospital during the last days of his life, or soon thereafter when I found myself back in the hospital with a comatose 1.5-year old son with bacterial meningitis. [Don’t worry – he not only survived, he thrived and is the proud older brother of my fashionista.]

Fashion alone does not make for the most meaningful life – but looking good can still be great. Also, important relationships can blossom around fashion– like the joy I find shopping with and being dressed by Skatie.

Therefore, I am proud that this issue of Make It magazine celebrates women with great style—in dress and in the way they live life – as well as informing you of ways to help fight that insidious disease, breast cancer.  After you read this magazine, check out our fantastic online resources at, and support our local treasure, our advertisers. I also encourage you delve further into relationships that will cause you to stop, drop, love and get dirty. That will make life better for others and for you.