7 Steps to Get Kids Involved in Social Causes

This list is adapted from “The World Needs Your Kid,” by Craig Kielburger, Marc Kielburger and Shelley Page.

The authors wrote this for kids to follow. Your job is to encourage and cheerlead, but don’t take over and direct.

1. Choose an issue – What is really bugging you? What do you wish you could change in your town or in the world?

2. Do your research – You have to know what you’re fighting for, so get the facts.

3. Build a team – Everything’s more fun with friends. And the saying, “Many hands make light work,” is true.

4. Call a meeting – It may seem a little adult, but set aside time to talk specifically about the issue and what you might do.

5. Make an action plan – Start by brainstorming!  Choose the idea that makes you most excited.

6. Take action and then review – Follow through and try to make your idea come to life. It might not go exactly as you thought, but learn from your first attempt and make the next plan a little better.

7. Have fun! Celebrate your successes and remember why you got involved.