How You Can Help Literature for All of Us Provide Support Through Book Groups

Literature for All of Us

Twenty years ago, Karen Thomson founded Literature for All of Us, an organization that uses books and writing to facilitate circles of connection, healing and growth in the face of social inequity, after her 15 years as a professional book group leader focusing on women’s literature. She wanted to do something for people who didn’t have a book store or a library right in their neighborhood.

Today, Literature for All of Us serves more than 800 people a year through nearly 30 book groups. Each session, book group leaders introduce culturally relevant books and lead discussions. By inviting participants to explore the transformative power of their own voices, the organization helps build resilience.

On Sept. 25, Literature for All of Us will present the first Golf Outing at the Ivanhoe Club in Mundelein. This gorgeous club will host guests for lunch and dinner as well as 18 holes of golf. Enjoy a beautiful day, connecting with like-minded sponsors and supporters of Literature for All of Us, knowing you are making a difference in the lives of young people across Chicago and Evanston.

We all rely on a circle of support. For some people that is family, for some that is friends, and for others that is a Literature for All of Us book group. Book group leaders engage participants in reading literature that tells a story similar to their own. Students develop a kinship with one another as they connect their own experiences with literature, and in turn find their own voices.

You can be a part of that circle of support for our students. By attending the Golf Outing, you will show that you value literacy and artistic expression of young people from low-income communities. With your support we can continue providing trauma informed book groups.

Literature for All of Us By the Numbers:

  • $5,000 covers the cost of all materials for a book group including books, journals, snacks, field trips, family literacy events
  • $2,500 pays for an overnight retreat for 16 book group participants that includes warm, home-cooked meals, books, journals, arts and nature activities
  • $1,000 covers all expenses of book group for an entire year for one participant
  • $500 purchases 60 books to be used in book groups
  • $250 purchases 20 children’s books for pregnant/parenting teens programming
  • $100 purchases 10 baby board books for pregnant/parenting teens programming
  • $50 covers the cost of book group for one participant for one month


MAD-2014-Philanthropy-AwardsLiterature for All of Us is a Make It Better Philanthropy Award winner. Learn more and watch their video.