Power Players

Women and power. Some need it, some fear it, but together, when we embrace our power, we can change the world.

We’d like to introduce you to eight brilliant women using their talent, intuition and passion to empower women and girls in our communities and across the globe.

They are standing up for women who have been abused, encouraging girls to go all out on the playing field, giving young women a say in their reproductive health, educating mothers, teaching women how to negotiate for what they deserve, and joining with other women to make their philanthropy count. While none of these women can move the mountains of prejudice and ignorance alone, they have the courage to try. Imagine the power if we joined them. If a few more of us used our skills, money, charisma or voice to give our strength to the next generation or to those who have been marginalized by society.

We’re beginning a new year. Let’s make it a powerful one for women.


Kelly Amonte Hiller
Empowerment Through Sport
Women’s Lacrosse Coach, Northwestern
University, Evanston
Katy Drucker
Empowerment Through Storytelling
Photographer, Evanston
Joan Sabatino
Empowerment Through Collaboration
Philanthropist, Lake Forest
Jacquelyn Dortch
Empowerment Through Advocacy
Family Engagement Manager, Stand University
for Parents, Stand for Children, Lake Forest
Kaethe Morris Hoffer
Empowerment Through Justice
Legal Director, Chicago Alliance Against Sexual
Exploitation, Evanston
Carole Brite
Empowerment Through Health
CEO, Planned Parenthood Illinois
Vicki Medvec
Empowerment Through Confidence
Professor, Kellogg School of Management,
Northwestern University, Lake Forest
Francee Harrington
Empowerment Through Service
JP Morgan Chase Senior Vice President for
Civic Affairs; former president of the Junior
League of Chicago