Zealous Good: Helping You Find a Compatible Nonprofit for your Donations

Looking for a guilt-free way to finally purge your closet of last season’s trends?


What about those toys your growing children still sentimentally cling to that are cluttering your basement?

Zealous Good provides a platform for donating items, and lets donors know exactly where and how their items are being used. Zealous Good is an online match-making database: bringing together a donor’s valuable item and a worthy nonprofit.

Initiated in March 2011, it uses technology to change the way in-kind donations are given by making it accessible, efficient and meaningful. The donor decides to which nonprofit their item will go from the 125+ database of not-for-profit ogranizations. After donating, Zealous Good sends a follow-up story documenting your donated item’s impact.

The donor becomes directly linked to the nonprofit and the people they help. Items that were once useful to a donor remain valuable and meaningful: home computers are used in an educationally empowering computer room, while children’s outgrown books and toys inspire creativity in a new generation of underprivileged youth.

Make It Better readers can donate items easily:

  • Go to zealousgood.com and creating an online account
  • Fill out a quick form to briefly describe the item or service you wish to donate (pictures may be included)
  • Choose from the list of compatible nonprofits, which Zealous Good will provide, as well as the time and method of delivery to the desired nonprofit (items can be taken off your hands in as little as 24 hours—talk about easy and efficient!)

After the nonprofit has received the item, an optional tax receipt will be mailed to your home. And if you work with a not-for-profit organization that would like to be listed in Zealous Good’s expanding database, you can create a profile at zealousgood.com.

You can directly contact Zealous Good for more information at [email protected] or 312-841-1688.