Moved & Motivated

Feeling a little pent up after an endless winter? Spring is here, and it’s time to get physical.

Let these athletes be your inspiration: three professional athletes who have made it big but continue to reach out to help those who struggle, and a doctor who spends his life helping others but needed guidance from a persistent trainer to get his own health and fitness back on track.

Seize the moment…we know you’ve got it in you!

moved-motivated-elena-delle-donneReaching for the Sky: Elena Delle Donne

The Chicago Sky’s star player Elena Delle Donne is remarkably down to earth for someone who possesses such tremendous athletic ability and meteoric star power.







You Can Play: Tommy Wingels

In 2008, Wilmette’s Tommy Wingels was chosen in the sixth round of the NHL draft by the San Jose Sharks. But it’s his work with You Can Play that sets him apart from the rest.







Bright Red Star: Rachel Quon

As a professional soccer player, Rachel Quon is proving that women can pursue their passions and make a living doing it.









Rediscovering the Athlete Within: Daniel Greenberg and Ali Asadi

With the help of personal trainer Ali Asadi, ophthalmologist and eye surgeon Daniel Greenberg took control of his health with the ultimate lifestyle change.