New Trier to Receive New Energy Source

The environmental science curriculum at New Trier High School will see an enhancement in the near future.

By fall of 2011, New Trier will have a wind turbine system in place on the Northfield campus, funded by a grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation.

The Foundation has agreed to fund 90 percent of the project, or up to $20,000, whichever is less. Last February, when New Trier applied for the competitive grant, they estimated the project cost to be about $18,990.

The wind turbines will give New Trier students a chance to study wind energy up close.

“New Trier appreciates the support of the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation in giving our science and math students and environmental clubs the chance to see how wind energy is harnessed and used,” says District 203 Superintendent Linda Yonke. “This type of first-hand data collection is an invaluable part of our curriculum.”

An internet-based monitoring component will also be in place, allowing students to observe the renewable process by which wind produces electricity.  The installation process will be observed and photographed by students and faculty members for classroom presentations.  Also, a training session will be initiated to educate New Trier students and faculty about wind power and the wind turbine system.

This isn’t the first time New Trier has received help from the ICECF.  Back in 2009, they received a grant to install solar panels at the Winnetka campus, which have been used by students in the school’s Environmental Geoscience, Astronomy, and AP Environmental Science classes.  These students have designed an “off-the-grid” house, have designed solar powered cars, and have performed other solar panel research.