Quick and Easy: Do the KIND Thing

Do the KIND Thing’s monthly challenge is coming to Chicago for the first time this August—are we ready? Uniform 1

KIND is a national organization which works in all avenues of life to make the world kinder. Do the KIND Thing is a movement launched to inspire random acts of kindness in cities across the U.S. And this time, it’s Chicago’s turn.

Do the KIND Thing’s most recent mission is to get enough Chicagoans to agree to donate a new or used clothing item to a shelter or person in need. To participate, merely click the “Yes! I’ll do it!” button found at KINDmovement.com and donate away! If enough people agree to participate in the challenge, KIND will partner with the Kyle Korver Foundation to provide new school uniforms for hundreds of children in need for this coming school year. In fact, 85% of Chicago’s public schools require school uniforms—the third highest city in the country!

Be sure to check out KIND and their latest mission for more information on ways to help!