Quick and Easy: Grandma’s Soup

Illness affects everyone, and nutrition is often the last thing on your mind when a loved one is sick.

Grandma’s Soup founder Kaquana King has dealt with her share of personal tragedy. She believes that good nutrition is an important part of preventing and healing illness. By delivering two meals a day for up to three months, Grandma’s Soup is making sure that you and your family are getting healthy food during your time of need. Their menus include gluten-free, diabetic friendly and vegetarian offerings and of course, delicious soups.

Grandma’s Soup also offers cooking classes and nutritional coaching designed to blend education with a fun family activity. With classes ranging from Just Desserts and Wine & Dine to Vegetarian Delight and How to Boil Water, they will help teach you the basics while exploring a wide variety of food.

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