Vote In Pepsi Refresh Everything Project to Help WINGS

All it takes is a computer and a few minutes of your time to help local women and children in need.

The WINGS Program, an Arlington Heights-based nonprofit that serves the needs of abused and homeless women and their children, lost a revenue-generating resale shop earlier this summer to a fire.

In an effort to raise funding for their rebuilding efforts, WINGS has applied to be a part of the Pepsi Refesh Project—a challenge during which people can vote for their favorite “project” that Pepsi will donate up to $250,000.

Why vote for WINGS? The Palatine resale shop (one of three) is a major source of funding for the services and programs they offer to local women and children in need of housing and others kinds of assistance when escaping an abusive situation, or for those that find themselves homeless as a result of other hardships.

You can go to the WINGS website for detailed instructions, but it’s pretty easy—please note, the ability to vote for WINGS starts August 1:

First, become a fan of the WINGS Program on our Facebook page by clicking “Like.” (This allows WINGS to keep in touch with you about the contest’s progress.) When the voting opens, you can simply follow the link from WINGS’ Facebook page to vote every day.

You can also go directly to the Pepsi Refresh Everything contest website and create a user ID and password.