Elevate the Holidays with Monogram Appliances: A PowerHouse SMART® Luxury Conference Sponsor

Monogram is proud to be a sponsor for the fifth year in a row of the PowerHouse SMART® Luxury Conference. As a virtual event this year, Monogram is looking forward to the opportunity to network and meet with luxury consumer attendees as well as designers, builders, architects and real estate professionals around the world.

As a Luxury Conference sponsor, we are excited to share a sneak peek of one of our newest appliances. Thanks to the ingenious technology of the Monogram Five in One Oven, you’ll have extra time to prepare this holiday season. 

The precisions cooking mode has 175 pre-programmed menu items, the Monogram Five in One Oven does the work for you. With True European Convection and sensor microwave ovens, it meets your cooking needs from lazy Sunday brunches, to cocktail hours, to elegant dinner parties. This oven allows you to relax and entertain at the same time.

Favorite recipes are always close at hand with a feature that allows you to store cooking instructions for up to 30 different dishes. 

Classic Southern casseroles will be bubbling eight times as fast as a traditional oven on the right settings. Perfectly roasted and extra crispy vegetables take just 12 minutes on the extra crispy setting. The Monogram Five in One Oven’s Speedcook setting delivers oven-quality results 2 – 8x faster than a conventional oven. No preheating required. 

The holidays are a magical time of year when you want the world to slow down. Allow the Monogram Five in One Oven to take the effort away so you can enjoy what you love.

Looking forward to seeing you at the PowerHouse SMART® Luxury Conference March 2 – 3, 2021. Don’t miss this great opportunity!