Put Your Tax Return to Good Use: Build a Fireplace

Tax season has finally passed and millions of Americans have started to receive their returns. One of the best uses of a refund—or any extra income—is reinvesting back into one of your greatest assets—your home. Consider using this extra cash to add some warming upgrades to your space both inside and out. Not only do you benefit from having a fire to relax in front of, fireplace renovations can also increase the value of your property.

Here are three ways a professional sweep can help put your tax dollars to good use:

Create an Outdoor Oasis

Adding living space to the outside of the home can be just as valuable as what you do inside.  A big trend right now is combining an outdoor kitchen with a gas or wood-burning fireplace in order to create a “room” right outside your back door.  Whether you are receiving a small or large refund, Lindemann Chimney Service has a solution to fit every budget. We have experience in gas fireplace conversions, wood stove installations and outdoor renovation projects. Let us help you find the perfect renovation for your home.


Gas Fireplace Conversion

Tired of storing and hauling firewood? If you find yourself dreading the task of starting a wood-burning fire you may want to consider converting it to a gas unit. This renovation can be completed in as little as one day by a certified professional, and today’s gas units offer a realistic flame similar to their wood-burning counterparts.


Converting an Unused Fireplace

Whether you prefer not to use your fireplace or it is in disrepair, many unused fireplaces can become useful once again by adding a warming wood stove that fits into the space. Both a free-standing stove and a fireplace insert could be connected to the flue making the space operational once again.

Why Lindemann


Lindemann Chimney Service has been servicing Chicago’s North Shore and Northern Suburban area since 1969. We were founded by former fire captain Gary Lindemann when he saw the immediate local need for chimney and fireplace safety.

With forty years of experience and talent, Lindemann Chimney Service has become a leader in innovation and technology. We set the standards in the industry not only in the Chicago area but around the country. Our Chicago chimney history is a proud testament to our current focus on the future in the chimney sweeping and repair industry.

We are fueled by uncompromising integrity. We demonstrate honest, ethical business practices and our actions are consistent with our strong internal values. We place the success of our business and its people ahead of personal gain.

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