Upgrade Your Patio

Long gone are the days of the backyard fire pit. Today’s homeowners want their outdoor living space to be a focal point of the home, not just an afterthought. The team at Lindemann Chimney Co. is proud to offer our customers the hottest trend in the home improvement industry: the custom outdoor patio featuring all-weather kitchens and fireplaces.


Cook in Style

The outdoor kitchen has become the new standard in luxury home entertaining. The industry has grown to include design and durability options to fit every lifestyle and any climate. At Lindemann Chimney Co., we can help you create a custom design incorporating the latest in weatherproof appliances and beautiful, long-lasting finishes. The heart of the home has moved outside, combining the comforts of a traditional kitchen with the fresh air of the great outdoors.

Cozy Evenings

An outdoor fireplace will add elegance and style to your overall patio design. Our outdoor fireplace installations can include either a wood-burning or gas fireplace system. Wood-burning fireplaces offer a certain level of ambience while a gas system offers the flexibility of turning the fire on and off with the flip of a switch. We can construct your fireplace using stone that complements your existing patio or create a unique design that represents your personal style. Before you know it, you will be enjoying a roaring fire in your backyard retreat.


Top Trends for 2015

Built-In Seating –Adding stone seating to the fireplace area has allowed homeowners to create an inviting entertaining area that offers a uniform look. Built-in seating also removes the hassle of traditional outdoor furniture. Long stone benches and cozy “couches” crafted for two are made more comfortable using some simple decorative pillows.

Natural Stone – While gas fireplaces have seen a rise in popularity in the outdoor setting, many homeowners still are looking for a natural stone unit in their open-air spaces. While stucco, rock and brick remain mainstays in masonry choices, some are turning to more unusual stones such as porcelain.

Bigger is Better – While in the past the typical outdoor fireplace measured in at around 3 feet tall, homeowners are now installing bigger, more substantial units that can top out at a whopping 10 feet tall. With many seeing the backyard as an extension of the home, these larger fireplaces help create and define a true living space.­­

Why Lindemann

Lindemann Chimney Service has been servicing Chicago’s North Shore and Northern Suburban area since 1969. We were founded by former fire captain Gary Lindemann when he saw the immediate local need for chimney and fireplace safety.

With forty years of experience and talent, Lindemann Chimney Service has become a leader in innovation and technology. We set the standards in the industry not only in the Chicago area but around the country. Our Chicago chimney history is a proud testament to our current focus on the future in the chimney sweeping and repair industry.

We are fueled by uncompromising integrity. We demonstrate honest, ethical business practices and our actions are consistent with our strong internal values. We place the success of our business and its people ahead of personal gain.


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