All About Abdominoplasties

If you’re considering getting a tummy tuck, here’s what you need to know.

What is a tummy tuck? 
Also known as a “abdominoplasty,” a tummy tuck is used to excise excess abdominal fatty tissue and skin from the mid and lower abdominal areas, as well as tighten the underlying framework/musculature. Abdominoplasty incisions are closed using fine plastic surgery techniques, and are usually hidden inside the belly button, and below the bikini line.

Is a tummy tuck my best option?
If you have gone through childbirth (especially more than once) and were left with a lower abdominal “pooch,” significant stretching of the skin, or muscle weakness, generally there is only so much that diet and exercise can achieve. Abdominoplasty is the best surgical approach in these situations, and dramatically corrects many of the effects of pregnancy or significant weight loss.

What about downtime?
Tummy tucks are performed as an overnight procedure at the hospital. They take 2-3 hours to perform, require narcotics for 5-7 days, and a binder/compression for 2-4 weeks. Most people are back into their daily routine by 2 weeks, but should not start exercising until 4-6 weeks post operation.

What do tummy tucks generally cost?
Surgical fees usually range from $3000-$6000, with hospital based facility and anesthesia fees running in the $2500-$4000 range.

Is it safe?
An abdominoplasty is the most reliable, dramatic way to “get your body back” after you are done having children, and can be safely performed for most healthy, non-smoking individuals. If you believe you are a candidate, you are encouraged to see your local ASPS/ASAPS, board-certified plastic surgeon for an individualized consultation.



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