Better or Bust: Invisibelt

Stretched-out pants climb to the top of my list of things that annoy me.

Even if they just came out of the wash, somehow I’m always wishing for a belt halfway through the day. That being said, the Invisibelt is my new BFF.

This clear plastic belt has a snap closure that lies completely flat against your jeans, so you won’t get that awkward belt-buckle bump. Adjust the belt like a bra strap for a perfect fit that works for sizes 0-16.

This belt was developed in 2008 by Kathy Kramer, a former beauty editor who noticed the void in the market for a product like this. So the Invisibelt was born. What started off as a clear plastic belt now comes in different colors, prints and widths.

This belt is definitely a better.

The Better: Once you adjust the belt for the best fit—it takes a few tries to get it right—you’ll be wondering why you haven’t been using this product all along. (Tip: adjust it a bit tighter than you think you’ll need, because the plastic material gives a little when you put it on.) It works just as well as a regular belt, if not better, because you don’t have to decide between the just-too-tight and just-too-loose buckle holes. Thanks to the slim fit, you’ll forget you’re even wearing it and bulky buckles won’t ruin your outfit.


The Bust: When I first saw this product, the clear plastic was kind of a turn off. But as long as you wear it with a shirt that covers your belt, which most of mine do, then you’re in good shape. If it still bugs you, opt for the black. Problem solved. I’m still hoping they’ll come out with a brown sometime soon.

Find out more and order your own Invisibelt here.