Five Beauty Habits to Break

Stuck in a beauty rut? With the New Year upon us, now’s the time to mix things up.

You can start by dropping these five “don’ts” from your beauty routine.

Bad Habit: Product Overload
Break It: Skin care experts warn that too many products can aggravate sensitive skin, so cut back to help keep your skin supple and blemish-free. According to dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi, the biggest mistake many women make is using too much moisturizer, which not all skin needs. “Overloading your skin will cause it to get lazy and the process of cell turnover slows down,” he says. “Stick with a limited regimen of carefully chosen formulas, including a retinol; natural vitamin A.”

Bad Habit: Fake Tans

Break It: Bronzing powders and compacts are great for a summer glow, but during the winter months, it’s better to go for a subtler shade. Look for cream blushes in taupes or mauves for radiance without shades of orange. Alternately, try a blush/bronzer duo to give you an overall glow without too much tan. One we like: Lorac Blush/Bronzer Duo, $30


Bad Habit: Squeaky Clean Hair
Break It: Static electricity, hats and blustery winds make your mane unmanageable, but daily shampooing is not the solution. Stylists recommend skipping a day between washings to give your scalp and hair a rest. Dry shampoos are a great way to keep hair grease-free and full of volume in between washings. They also can extend your blowout by a day or more. Try Oscar Blandi Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray, $11-$23 if you’re new to the dry shampoo world.

Bad Habit: Too Much Makeup
Break It: We all want to look “done,” but it’s easy to go overboard, especially in winter when we’re feeling blah. Keep things naturally pretty with a liquid or compact foundation that complements your skin tone instead of altering it. Even drugstore lines now offer 20+ different shades of foundation for an almost perfect match.

The same goes for lips: Dark lip colors can highlight wrinkles and accentuate complexion flaws, so for a youthful, natural look, choose glosses in lighter or neutral colors. Flattering on almost anyone: Laura Mercier The Nudes Lip Glace Set, $38

Bad Habit: DIY Treatments
Break It: Yes, we all want to save money, but at-home beauty procedures often end up costing more in the long run. For starters, don’t skimp on your brows. Well-groomed brows help you appear younger and more awake, but plucking yourself can leave brows uneven or sloppy-looking. Find a quality salon with a professional brow shaper—you’re worth it.