Get Beautiful for Your Big Day

Whether it’s your class reunion, a milestone birthday, a wedding, a child’s bar or bat mitzvah, or another important event, you want to look your most radiant.

Follow our countdown guide to help get you ready for whatever momentous occasion you have coming up.

2 Months Prior

  • Whiten your teeth. Get whitening trays from your dentist or start applying whitening strips to make your smile sparkle. (Check out for our review of whitening methods.)
  • Test your tan. Are you applying a natural self-tanner or being spray-tanned by a professional? Make sure you like the shade and effects of your faux bronze.
  • Shop your closet or hit the stores for a fabulous ensemble. Once you’ve selected what you’re wearing, choose matching jewelry, shoes, a purse and wrap.

1 Month Prior

  • Critique your skin care regime. If your current products are working well, don’t change them now. Keep skin hydrated by applying moisturizer, eye-cream and sunscreen daily.
  • Book appointment for a hair and makeup trial. Bring pictures to show your stylist. If you’re considering fake eyelashes, this is the time to try them out. We love MAC’s falsies.
  • Test your undergarments to ensure smooth lines.

3 Weeks Prior

  • Get a gentle facial.

1-2 Weeks Prior

  • Get a haircut or trim to avoid the “just shorn” look. (Remind your spouse or date to book an appointment, too.)
  • Color hair or touch up your roots.
  • Tweeze or wax eyebrows.
  • Buy hosiery, if needed, including a back-up pair.

3-4 Days Prior

  • Enjoy a mani-pedi—splurge on the paraffin treatment.
  • Get your beauty rest and drink lots of water.

2 Days Prior

  • Spray tan or self-tan.
  • Reconfirm hair and makeup appointment time.
  • Make a checklist or timeline of everything you need to do to get ready and work backwards to make sure you’re not rushed or stressed.

Day Of Event

  • Follow your plan—a fashion or beauty “don’t” is usually a last-minute “improvement.”
  • Throw key items in your clutch: safety pin, Band-Aid, aspirin, lipstick, lip-gloss, mints, keys, and cell phone.
  • Have fun and smile!

Check out the online version of this story at for a chart you can customize with phone numbers and notes.