How to Fade Age Spots

Women’s magazines are packed with ads for products to even out skin tone and fade those dreaded spots so many of us seem to acquire as we get older.

The culprits? Acne, pregnancy, hormones and of course, sun exposure, all contribute to facial discoloration.

Here, the skin experts weigh in on how to help prevent and fade those spots.

Products to Try

A one time hedge fund manager, entrepreneur Julie Macklowe turned her desire for great skin into newly launched skin care company VBeaute. Her secret ingredient is called the yComplex, a cellular concentrate based on Swiss Alpine Rose Botanical Technology, which Macklowe says can help prevent and minimize dark spots. According to Macklowe, the Lite Up serum ($150) helps prevent dark spots from forming and reduces existing spots. It contains niacinamide which illuminates the skin. The Undercover Agent ($135) promotes a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, evens skin tone and reduces redness. Macklowe adds, “The two combined solve almost all problems.”

beauty-age-spots-lite-upDr. Amy Forman Taub, owner of Advanced Dermatology in Lincolnshire, is using a new skin-lightening product called elure ($150) to help diminish the signs of aging. According to Taub, this topical lightening system contains MelanozymeT, an enzyme derived from a tree mushroom, which effectively dissolves the dark-colored pigment in skin. “Elure is one of my go-to skin care regimens,” Taub says. “It’s safe, fast-acting, and works on skin tones one to five. Plus, these are products that live up to their promise, which is a lighter, more even skin tone.”

Treatments to Get

Katherine Pappas, principal at EGEA, a spa in Evanston, says she offers two very effective non-invasive treatments that help minimize sun-damaged skin, acne scaring and superficial age spots.

“Our Illuminating facial is a 60 minute, relaxing facial service that includes a safe yet very effective cosmeceutical glycolic treatment,” Pappas says. She claims this leaves the skin brighter, lighter, clean, clear and even. Following the initial facial treatment, she recommends another treatment in seven to 10 days for six weeks. For melasma, which is caused by pregnancy or other hormonal changes, she recommends a glycolic peel.

For clients who want a safe exfoliant treatment, Pappas recommends a Microdermabrasion Facial (also 60 minutes) that uses a mechanical polishing technique to remove or minimize problem areas.

But of course, the best treatment is always prevention. So even on the gloomiest of Chicago days, don’t step out of the house without sunscreen on your face and the backs of your hands (another age-spot prone area). Our Editor swears by Eucerin Daily Protection Moisturizing Face Lotion, SPF 30. It’s about $10, has chemical and physical sun blocks and is light enough to wear under foundation.