Long Summer Hairstyles in 5 Steps (Or Less!)

Want to get those long, luscious locks off your back and out of your face this summer season?

Check out these simple styles and handy tips from salons across the North Shore to control your hair and keep it fun and flirty!

Stylist Betty Leyva from the Teddie Kossof Salon and Spa in Northfield suggested a simple side pony with some summer waves:



1) Work with your natural hair. Feel free to enhance your curls with hot rollers or a curling iron like Betty—I tried this style with straight hair and it looked just as cute!

2) Tease the crown of the hair with a skinny comb to add volume

3)  Gather the hair in a low pony and sweep to one side—secure with a hair-tie

4) Grab a small, bottom piece of the pony and wrap it around the hair-tie to hide it—secure with 2 or 3 bobby pins

5) If desired, pull the hair at the crown of the hair out a bit for even more volume. Also, feel free to leave some wispy bangs out to fall across the face!

Inspired by a Courtney Kardashian up-do, stylist Seka Medich from the Red Door Salon and Spa in Northbrook got the hair up and out of the face with a tight bun at the crown of the head.

1) Pull the hair straight back (so there’s no part) into a high pony at the crown of the head

2) Pull one, bottom piece of hair and wrap it around the hair-tie to hide it

3) Divide the pony into 2 sections, then twist them together (almost like a rope)

4) Take the twisted pony and wrap it around the hair-tie into a twisted bun; secure with a few pins and voila!

*To heighten the glam factor, Seka placed some clip-on earrings (hair-clips work too) to the side of the bun to add some sparkle!

Robyn Shaffer of the Trio Salon in Evanston showed us a twisted bun as well, with a few changes:

1) Create a side part and pull the hair back into a low to mid-ponytail; secure with a hair-tie

2) Grab a small piece of hair and wrap it around the hair-tie to hide it; secure with pins

3) Like before, divide the hair into two pieces and wrap into a rope-like pony

4) Twist it around into a low, wide bun and secure with pins.

*Feel free to leave your bangs out with this look. Also, control how big the bun is by how tightly/loosely you wrap the hair!

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