Medium-Length Summer Hairstyles in 5 Steps (Or Less!)

Caught in between the short- and long-haired looks? Never fear ladies, we didn’t forget about you!

Three salons across the North Shore gave their suggestions on summer styles for medium-length hair that you can do in mere minutes!

Styling from the Teddie Kossof Salon and Spa in Northfield, Cheryl Brown’s “beat the heat” twist is sure to do just that this season. She recommends this style for a quick transition from day-at-the-pool to dining al-fresco:



1) Begin by teasing the crown of the head to add height and volume

2) Pull the hair back into a low pony, grasping it with your left hand

 3) Hold the hair with your palm facing up (this might feel a bit awkward) and twist the hair to the left, flipping it up so it is wrapped around your index finger

4) Secure with a fun, sparkly claw-clip and you are good to go!

Stevie Harrington at the Red Door Salon and Spa in Northbrook also created a fun look for medium-length hair that is both versatile and simple!

1) Tease the top of the hair at the roots (add hairspray if necessary)

2)  Pull the hair back in a low ponytail—secure with a hair-tie

3) Wrap one piece of hair around the hair-tie to hide it—secure with a couple pins

4) Wrap the pony around the hair-tie to make a low bun—you can leave pieces sticking out for a fun and funky look, or can tuck them in for a more reserved style.

5) Pin the hair and pull the hair towards the crown of the head out for extra volume. You can also add in a fun scarf or headband for some extra glam!

Stylist Katharina Mark from the Trio Salon in Evanston encourages working with the hair’s natural wave rather than fighting a losing battle against the humidity! She suggests scrunching Kerastase’s Nectar Thermique into slightly damp hair in order to calm down that summer frizz before blowing it dry into its natural waves:

1) Roll a small round brush into the hair, rolling with the natural wave of the hair

2) Continue to roll the round brush in, blowing the hair dry and creating natural waves

3) Touch up by curling the waves around your finger or using a curling iron!

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