Emerald City Gives the Gift of Laughter with “Junie B. Jones”

Emerald City Theatre’s “Junie B. Jones in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells” is the perfect antidote for a gloomy winter day.

The play, based on the best-selling books by Barbara Park, features Amber Robinson as Junie B. Jones, the spunky heroine whose views about life, friends and elf costumes are at the heart of this story. Samantha Perry is delightful as Jones’s arch nemesis, “Blabbermouth” May, while Anderson Lawfer skillfully portrays Mr. Scary, the girls’ exasperated teacher.

Directed by Amber Stone, the play follows the hilarious exploits of Mr. Scary’s first grade class as they prepare for the holidays, which includes an upcoming Secret Santa exchange. Conflict arises when Junie B. discovers she is May’s “Secret Santa,” which leads Junie B. to discover the true meaning of the holidays.

In keeping with the “giving” theme, Emerald City’s “The One Fund”, in partnership with KPMG, is donating new books and theater tickets to low-income CPS students. Before each performance, young audience members are invited to create holiday cards, which will adorn the books that are donated this holiday season.

“Junie B. Jones in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells” runs through January 8 at Emerald City Theatre at the Apollo Theater in Chicago. For information about tickets and show times, visit their website or call the box office at 773-935-6100