Can a restaurant be hip and family friendly? Fuel is only a couple weeks old, and already it has a buzz.

The interior, with its light blue walls and oversized black graphic flowers would do a city location proud. But Fuel is in the suburbs, located in the Wilmette Metra station’s parking lot (off of 12th street).

This edgy space is open 7 days a week, but only for breakfast. They cater to the leisurely weekend bruncher who has just come from the farmers market and is ready to relax over some delicious and inventive egg dishes as well as to the harried commuter who wants a homemade pastry and coffee to go. Now.

The extensive menu has lots of egg options ranging from the traditional Eggs Benedict ($10) to a Chorizo Treat ($9.50), which features spicy chorizo hash, avocado, Chihuahua cheese and two eggs. The egg dishes come with a homemade English muffin or toast. They also have sweet entrees, for those of us who need sugar with our caffeine. The Pancake Heap ($9) claims to have oats as an ingredient, so I feared a leaden flapjack, but these had no health-food overtones. Just deliciously light and fluffy.

Kids are welcome at Fuel by Wilmette owners, Tim and Genny Lenon. The 10-and-under menu (everything is $5.50) has pancakes and French toast as well as the option to choose three sides to make your own kid’s meal. The problem is what to choose: a scone, sausage and fruit or mini-pancakes, an egg and bacon? Tough to have such yummy choices.

Pastry chef, Megan Scarcella, makes all the baked goods from scratch each day and the care shows. Beautiful muffins, raspberry bars and dulce de leche brownies were moving quickly out the door. Anything Scarcella doesn’t make comes from local bread store, Heavenly Hearth. The restaurant also offers unusual beverage choices beyond coffee drinks. They have an Italian soda bar where you can customize a delicious strawberry or vanilla or strawberry and vanilla soda.

Small quibbles: Prices seem high for breakfast ($7-$10), and the menu states emphatically that they will give separate checks but won’t split a check, huh? Seems like a simple thing to do, so why make a fuss?

Fuel is also offering children’s cooking courses and a late-summer cooking camp. For more information see their blog: www.fuelbreakfast.blogspot.com