Keep the ‘Green’ in ‘Evergreen’ This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for evergreen foliage! From wreaths and boughs to trees and table settings, you’d be hard-pressed to walk down the block or through the store without spotting these familiar seasonal favorites. Though the name indicates hardy, long-lasting plants, it’s important to remember to treat your evergreens just like your flowers—with lots of TLC to keep them thriving.

The quickest way to take the “green” out of “evergreen” is dehydration. If possible, try to position your evergreen décor away from direct sunlight, fireplaces and heating vents. If you mount a wreath on your front door or set up your tree in a window, you may have to be more attentive and try some of the following tips:


  • Delay the decorating. Even the most robust greenery can only last about four weeks indoors

  • Submerge your wreath in water overnight before hanging it to fully hydrate the needles

  • Consider using a glycerin solution in the water to preserve your evergreen arrangements

  • Mist boughs with a spray bottle every couple days

  • If your tree needs more water, drill a few holes in the stump just below the water line to increase intake

  • Use hairspray to keep dry needles from falling


Good luck with your greenery and Happy Holidays from the Chicago Flower & Garden Show!


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