7 Meatless Recipes Vegetarians and Carnivores Will Love

8 Meatless Recipes Vegetarians and Carnivores Alike Will Love

It’s never been easier to make the case for eating less meat. Vegetarians tend to consume fewer calories, weigh less and are less likely to develop heart disease than their carnivorous cohorts. But, it’s not just the health benefits that should make you want to ditch that steak in favor of a #MeatlessMonday (or every day of the week!) — Mother Earth will thank you too. Half of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions, which account for one-third of the total global greenhouse gas emissions, come from livestock.

So, whether you’re a full-blown vegetarian or vegan or are just looking to reduce your meat intake, these fresh, original recipes are so deliciously satisfying that we promise no one will be asking, “Where the meat?”

Grilled Sweet Potato and Vegetable Sandwiches

vegetarian recipes: Grilled Sweet Potato and Vegetable Sandwiches from Oh My Veggies
Photo courtesy of Oh My Veggies.

Soak up the final days of grilling season with these sandwiches bursting with grilled sweet potatoes, red peppers and zucchini (topped with an herb yogurt sauce) from Oh My Veggies. You’ll never make another plain ol’ grilled cheese again! 

Pesto Pasta Salad

vegetarian recipes: Pesto Pasta Salad from Cookie + Kate
Photo courtesy of Cookie + Kate.

Elevate a classic dish with this recipe from Cookie + Kate. Colorful cherry tomatoes and spinach brighten things up while chickpeas and your choice of cheese add extra protein. Meet your new go-to pasta salad. 

The Best Avocado Egg Salad

vegetarian recipes: The Best Avocado Egg Salad from Pinch of Yum
Photo courtesy of Pinch of Yum.

This riff on egg salad is “silky-smooth, creamy-dreamy delicious,” writes Lindsay of Pinch of Yum. Spread it on an everything bagel and you’ve got lunch to go.

Broccoli Parmesan Fritters

vegetarian recipes: Broccoli Parmesan Fritters from Smitten Kitchen
Photo courtesy of Smitten Kitchen.

This heavenly dish from Smitten Kitchen puts the bon appétit back in broccoli. It’s a great snack option if you’re trying to get your picky eaters to enjoy veggies and a great way to use up leftover veggies. Plus, they freeze and reheat well, so you can always have them at the ready. 

Simple Vegan Gluten-Free Pizza

vegetarian recipes: Simple Vegan Gluten Free Pizza from Simple Vegan Blog
Photo courtesy of Simple Vegan Blog.

Talk about love at first slice. Simple Vegan Blog delivers a pizza covered in mushrooms, red onion, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and vegan mozzarella (feel free to sub the real thing if you’re on board with dairy) that everyone in your family will enjoy. 

Bean & Savoy Cabbage Soup

vegetarian recipes: Bean & Savoy Cabbage Soup from Don't Feed After Midnight
Photo courtesy of Don’t Feed After Midnight.

Who doesn’t crave a delicious warming bowl of soup after a long day? Let Don’t Feed After Midnight give you the relaxation and comfort you deserve with this hearty soup packed with beans and healthy cabbage.

Raw Cherry-Apple Pie Breakfast Bowl

vegetarian recipes: Raw Cherry-Apple Pie Breakfast Bowl from Blissful Basil
Photo courtesy of Blissful Basil.

Blissful Basil makes this recipe as easy as pie to follow. With sweet cherries, apples, dates and chia seeds, plus the option to top it with raw almonds or cacao nibs, you’ll wonder how you ever started your day without it. 

If these recipes have you on a veggie kick, keep that healthy train rolling into football season with these killer vegan and vegetarian party recipes perfect for football Sundays!


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