Still Yummy After All These Years

In the notoriously fickle restaurant industry, to make it to 10 years is a badge of honor; 20 years is pretty much super human.

Yet there are many Chicagoland restaurants that have been around even longer than that—all with good reason.

Here are some of our favorite neighborhood haunts that are still cooking with gas, as it were. So when you get tired of “small plate” this and “shared” that, or waiting six weeks for a reservation at a time when human beings actually want to eat dinner, pick up the phone and give one of these stalwarts a call. Or just show up. That’s cool, too. They’re still here because they know how to take care of customers. And they appreciate us as much as we appreciate them.


Everest, 440 S. LaSalle St., 312-663-8920

Jean Joho is still one of our city’s finest chefs, and the view from the 40th floor is amazing. Service is impeccable.



Deerfields Bakery, 831 N. Waukegan Rd., 847-520-0068
This location isn’t a full-service restaurant, but they’ve been around for an awfully long time and deserve a mention! Stop in for coffee and a breakfast pastry and pick up something great for dessert later. There’s a cute café at the Buffalo Grove location.


Dave’s Italian Kitchen, 1635 Chicago Ave., 847-864-6000
There’s always a line at Dave’s, long a favorite of Northwestern students and faculty. Great for families.

Pineyard, 1033 Davis St., 847-475-4940

The place to go for scallion pancakes, chicken soong (in lettuce cups) and killer potstickers.


Frank and Betsie’s, 51 Green Bay Rd., 847-446-0404
Solid standards at lunch and dinner; there’s something here for everyone.


Hackney’s, 1514 E. Lake St., 847-724-7171
Join the hundreds of people who swarm here for the patty melts, reubens and  french-fried onions. Nice vegetarian menu, too.


Del Rio, 228 Green Bay Rd., 847-432-4608
Classic red sauce Italian, clubby feel; many of the waiters have worked here since you were a zygote.

Froggy’s, 306 Green Bay Rd., 847-433-7080
Reliable French restaurant with lovely entrée salads and charming décor.

Lake Forest

Deer Path Inn, 255 E. Illinois Rd., 847-234-2280
Check out the award-winning English Room or the more casual White Hart Pub.


Myron & Phil Steakhouse, 3900 W. Devon Ave., 847-677-6663
Steaks, chops, seafood, chicken… they’ve got it all in abundance. Make sure to get the potato pancakes.


Francesco’s Hole in the Wall, 254 Skokie Blvd., 847-272-0155
Check out the wallboard for the day’s fresh Italian specialties; it’s updated daily. Thatsa nice! But no reservations.


Charcoal Oven, 4400 Golf Rd., 847-675-8062
Love this old-school supper club with fantastic Greek chicken, lamb chops and fresh fish. And the hot, homemade rolls… so addictive!

The Bagel, 4999 Old Orchard Center, 847-677-0100
The place to go when you’ve got to have a bowl of chicken matzo ball soup. Or a corned beef sandwich on rye.


Bob Chinn’s, 393 S. Milwaukee Ave., 847-520-3633
The granddaddy of all seafood restaurants.


Convito Café, 1515 Sheridan Rd., Plaza del Lago, 847-251-3654
They’ve moved to the other side of Plaza del Lago, but the food is every bit as good (if not better) than it ever was. Stop on the market side and grab dinner for tomorrow, too!

The Noodle, 708 12th St., 847-251-2228
Handmade pasta and so much more. Love it for lunch and dinner; the menu has gotten more ambitious in the last few years. But thankfully, they still have that garlic bread!


O’Neil’s, 1003 Green Bay Rd., 847-446-7100
Varied menu, with a heavy Italian influence: This is a ladies-who-lunch hotspot!


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