The Son Also Rises: The Real Joe’s on Central Street

Prairie Joe’s is a family affair, both in and out of the kitchen.

Opened more than twenty years ago by Aydin Dincer and his wife, Diane Ubl, it’s long been an Evanston favorite for breakfast and dinner. In recent years, their kids, Joe and Yasmin Dincer-Ubl, have joined in the family biz, working the grill and waiting tables.

But now, Dincer is ceding the dinner spotlight to Joe, and “The Real Joe’s” is open Tuesday through Saturday nights from 4-9 p.m. Joe is focusing on specialty sandwiches, like a freshly ground Lamb Chorizo (seasoned with a special blend from the neighboring Spice House) with Feta, a Greek BLT with Kalamata mayo and feta cheese on thick-cut toast, and Carnitas (pulled pork with homemade chipotle-BBQ sauce). All sandwiches are $8.95, come with a side of fries (regular, Greek or chipotle) or veggie salad, and feature freshly made buns from Tag’s Bakery down the block.

Of course, you can still get one of their legendary shakes, and it’s still the best place in town to play “I Spy.” For a reasonably priced, casual meal, it’s a great place to stop.

The Real Joe’s
1921 Central Street

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