Interior Cleaning: Beyond Tidying Up

Spring is time to wash the windows and put away the heavy quilts, but it’s also the best time to do some big projects.

Roger Castino, owner of Castino Painting and Home Services also advises his clients to use spring as an opportunity to freshen up inside. The 35-year-old company offers a host of services, including carpet cleaning (don’t try this at home during the winter!) and flood, fire and mold remediation.

“As most people now realize, mold is very detrimental for your health,” explains Castino. “If we can kill the mold, they basically go dormant.”

Mold remediation costs vary based on how extensive the infiltration is, but Castino has seen costs range from $1,000 to $70,000, so he says it’s important to nip spores in the proverbial bud before they become too entrenched.

For homeowners who have experienced mold before, Castino advises them to use spring, a time when the ground has become saturated with melted snow and frequent showers, as the opportunity to confirm that their homes are still watertight, as inactive mold will return faster than you can say gazuntite! Castino also offers light plumbing, electrical, carpentry, painting and tile services—among others.

“We pretty much do everything a household needs,” he says.

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