Incorporating Timeless Design Into Your Dream Home

Listen to insider tips from award-winning homebuilder Orren Pickell.

A common question that arises during the homebuilding process is, “ What are the timeless—and timely—design features found in today’s custom built homes?” According to Orren Pickell, the president and chief executive officer of Orren Pickell Building Group, it’s best to avoid trends when designing a home, or garner an idea or two at most. The important question to ask, says Pickell, is, “How are you going to live in the house not only today but in the future?”

In the past, kitchens were generally located in the back of a house.Today, the kitchen is the center of a home and where everyone gathers. “That’s a lifestyle change,” says Pickell. Locating the master bedroom on the first floor is another lifestyle choice that’s becoming more and more popular. If you design a home knowing that you’ll want a first floor master suite in the years to come, the process will be easier and more cost efficient. “A house that’s timeless should be designed that way,” adds Pickell.

The best way to incorporate timeless design is to maintain a balance between what you long for today and what you may want and need in the future. And don’t forget to ask questions such as:

  • How can we live in this house when we are older?
  • How can we accommodate for our aging parents?
  • How can we make room for our kids and grandchildren when they come to visit?
  • How can we make our home comfortable for our family/friends during the holidays and other celebrations?

You can hear Orren Pickell talk about selecting timeless design in the accompanying video. Visit OPBG’s website at

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