Spring’s the Time for Exterior Cleaning

You know your home needs a good spring cleaning inside, but don’t forget that the outside of your house has also been beat up by the winter.

“Spring’s the time for people to power wash and seal their wooden decks or their masonry patios, whether they’re concrete, brick or flagstone,” explains Roger Castino, owner of Castino Painting and Home Services.

“Why not get it nice and fresh for the summer season when you’re going to be using it?”

According to Castino, in addition to normal dirt and debris accumulation, exterior surfaces on the North Shore become dirty over time thanks to factors like airline jet fuel and acid rain. Those elements, along with normal wear and tear, also make it necessary for people to have their home exterior repainted periodically.

Because many people struggle to choose the right color or combination of colors, Castino offers his customers access to a software tool provided by Benjamin Moore.

“We can produce it on the computer and e-mail it to them and they can see exactly what their house will look like,” Castino says. “It takes a lot of the guesswork out and saves them money.”

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