Peek Inside Some of the Best Private Gardens in the Midwest

Ben Lenhardt loves gardens fervently, and he’s got the résumé to prove it. Lenhardt, who lives in Winnetka and in Charleston, South Carolina, retired from a successful investment management career to focus intently on his passions: gardening and historic preservation. In Winnetka, he filled his ravine garden with Caesar’s Brother Siberian iris and Japanese butterbur. […]

Garden Delights: 5 Home Decor Pieces Inspired by Nature

Whether you’re a gardener who likes to get down in the dirt or just a fan of beautiful blooms, you can bring your passion inside with these organic furnishings. Concrete Stool by Pamela Holmes for McGuire Coastal vegetation inspired San Francisco Bay Area artist Pamela Holmes’s concrete stool, which is made in the U.S. for […]

7 Top Apps to Identify Plants

Want to know your Sneezewort from your Monkey Puzzle Tree? You can now use your smartphone to identify plants or prove to a friend that you know that blue flower is in fact Lupine. So grab your device, because plant-identification apps can help your botanical knowledge grow. PlantSnap Free on Android, $3.99 on iOS. The […]

Why You Should Sow Spring Seeds Now for Summer Bounty

Think sowing annual seeds in the ground is time wasted and not worth getting your gardening gloves dirty for? Well, that might not be the case. Here are some reasons you should consider direct-sowing seeds. If nothing else, it provides good motivation to get you and your gardening gloves into the garden. The Ground Rules […]

Quarantine Week 10: Here Are 5 Things To Keep You Sane

Who would have thought the week after a long holiday pandemic holiday would be so hard? Admittedly we are struggling to get in the swing of things again, and are longing for carefree days spent in the sun, exploring the city we love and brunching at our favorite spots with friends and family. Sigh. Until […]

How to Keep Your Lawn Happy and Environmentally Friendly

I’ll admit that I love the smell of freshly cut lawns. But it’s the chemical fertilizers, mower noise, weed battles, and wasteful water consumption that I willingly trade in for more ecologically sustainable pastures. Here are garden design ideas to help you end the suburban turf romance and create a new environmentally friendly field of […]