15 Best Home Organization Hacks on Pinterest

If you’re fresh out of get-organized ideas, Pinterest is here to the rescue.

These hints and hacks will make every room in your home a little bit more organized, from the kitchen to the bathroom to the office and beyond.

Since everyone could use a little pinspiration, start with these easy, low-cost ideas to conquer clutter and get organized.

1. Fill a glass container with marbles to store and display makeup brushes and tools. You’ll never have to go digging for the eye-shadow brush again.

Image via Pinterest

2. Attach shower curtain hooks to a hanger or closet rod to neatly hang scarves. Each scarf will be more visible and you’ll save space for more clothes.

Image via Pinterest

3. Streamline your linen closet by folding and storing a flat sheet, fitted sheet and one pillowcase inside of the other pillow case. Stack sheet sets together for easy access.

Image via Pinterest

4. Use clothespins to divide mail into categories and label: paid, unpaid, urgent, save, file or toss. 

Image via Pinterest

5. Use bread clips to label a mess of power cords. Next time you reach to unplug the DVD player, you won’t accidentally shut off the TV, stereo system and lamp. 

Image via Pinterest

6. Store snacks, treats, baking ingredients and more in these beautiful glass canisters that make even broken pretzels look good. No storage? No problem. These canisters are pretty enough to be out on the countertop.

Image via Pinterest

7. Use an old tissue box to corral the plastic grocery bags floating around under your sink. They’ll be in one easy-to-find place and will neatly dispense one at a time. 

Image via Pinterest

8. Make the most of the space in a small bathroom by using a large wine bottle rack as a towel holder—perfect for guest bathrooms!

Image via Pinterest

9. Keep tabs on all of your bobby pins and small bathroom tools by adding a magnetic strip inside a drawer or medicine cabinet.

Image via Pinterest

10. This is also a great way to store knives. Or tools. Or random office supplies.

Image via Pinterest 

11. Clean up your laundry room by storing all of your supplies in a hanging door rack. Want to break it down even more for kids? Paint the back of the door with chalkboard paint and label each shelf. 

Image via Pinterest

12. Hide unsightly files and paperwork by turning a blanket chest into a secret file cabinet. 

Image via Pinterest

13. Use a tension rod to hang bottles of cleaning solution and maximize storage space in bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

Image via Pinterest

14. Create an easy-to-manage ribbon dispenser using a slotted plastic bin—just in time to save your sanity before the holidays. 

Image via Pinterest

15. Mount printed clipboards on the wall above a desk to clip important notes, papers, receipts, etc. 

Image via Pinterest

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