9 Ways to Get Organized This Summer

Moms don’t sweat the small stuff.

This summer, redesign and streamline your days with sleek tools that give you the tweak you need to sneak in a heck of a lot more FUN! Bonus: They’ll help you look hot while making sure you keep your cool.

1. Ready, Set, Go! 

You are ready for that last-minute summer road trip anytime with The TravelWise packing cubes: cubes that allow clothes to stay folded and neat when packed in their own small drawers. You can even color code the kids for easy grab and go. (TravelWise Packing Cube System 3-Piece Weekender Set, $23, Amazon)


2. Shake It Up

Sick of snack-bar junk food? Who says you have to haul a fridge to the pool this summer to feast on healthy fare? Easily tote around fruits, veggies and other snacks with a click. GoStak is a system of interlocking jars designed to carry around just what you are planning to eat so you control both the portions and the nutrition. (BlenderBottle GoStak, $13) 


3. Flaunt Your Six-Pack

Who wants to be the sweaty mom hauling the cooler back and forth to the beach? Flaunt your six-pack this summer with 6 Pack Fitness travel. With five meal compartments, they are designed to effortlessly store your lakeside picnic in—get this—a trendy handbag with room for your beach towel, baby gear and even a laptop! (Plyo Sling Bag, $130, 6 Pack Fitness)


4. Let Them Read The Writing On The Wall

Everyone home all summer shouldn’t mean Mom plays pick up for three months. Save your energy and divvy up those summer chores with personalized chore charts. Help around the house keeps your schedule free for fun. (Personalized Chore Charts, $10, Tolalu)


5. Teach Them To Fish For A Lifetime

Bait your kids into helping you do the laundry with these adorable bait-and-hook laundry bags from Dot & Bo. It will reel in the dreaded dirty laundry and keeps it looking streamlined and tidy between washing days. You’ll have them hooked! (Bait and Hook Laundry Bags, $25, Dot & Bo) 


6. On The Road

No more reaching, patting or swerving as you feel for your purse while driving the kids to and from summer activities. With Car Caché, you always know where your purse is: right beside you. (Car Caché, $20) 


7. Don’t Smash Your Summer Stash

Stash your cash and credit card even if you’re only in a bathing suit or your tightest pair of denim shorts. Trendy TGT wallets are just big enough to hold what you need, so leave that bulky wallet at home and travel tight and light this summer. They even come in fun fur prints for the cougar in you. (TGT Wallets, $34-46) 


8. Rendi Board

Don’t let summer slip away. Savor the moments without having to pull out the scrapbook. With the Rendi story board, your summer collage is only a quick click away. Upload photos straight from your phone from anywhere—the beach, the zoo, the farm—and Rendi sends you photo tags which you can hang up at home and hang again. (Story Board Starter Kit, $150, Rendi)


9. It’s A Wrap

Are you the rubberband man in your fam, always holding the hair ties for the little girls in your life? Try on some Duelettes for size—trendy bracelets that double as ponytail holders. (Duelettes, $15, Chilly Jilly)


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