How to Use Your Outdoor Living Space This Fall (While Also Preparing for Spring)

How to Use Your Outdoor Living Space This Fall (While Also Preparing for Spring)

With the popularity of outdoor living expected to hit its highest peak yet this year, we are seeing a shift away from seasonality as homeowners adopt a more year-round mindset regarding their outdoor spaces. Outdoor living is no longer restricted to spring and summer. The innovative approaches in high-performance materials, lighting, and outdoor electronics (video and audio) provide homeowners the opportunity to transform their outdoor spaces into spectacular multi-seasonal entertainment extensions of their homes. Minimum maintenance and maximum enjoyment are the homeowners goals with both function and design solutions that add ambiance rather than detract from it.

outdoor living space: fire pit

Soon the cool winds of autumn will be upon us and one way to extend your time in the outdoors is by incorporating a fire pit or fireplace into your landscape. The use of fire pits and fireplaces is an outdoor design trend that has spread nationwide. Incorporating an outdoor fire structure creates a beautiful backdrop to outdoor entertaining and extends the use of your landscape into the fall and throughout the winter. Imagine lighting a fire on a beautiful winter evening; staying warm while enjoying the winter sky. Integrating a fire structure can be as simple as adding a portable fire pit to your existing patio or by having a fire pit built to work with your existing design. To create a truly custom look, full-scale fireplaces are a wonderful addition to your backyard landscape. You can integrate these structures into existing patio layouts with coordinating brick or stone choices. When designing a new landscape, it is simple to incorporate a fire pit or fireplace into the space. You and your family and friends will enjoy the warmth and relaxation of a fire pit or fireplace for years to come; it creates a unique landscape feature to enjoy.

outdoor living: pool

The warm days and cool nights the season brings creates an excellent environment for planting new plant beds and trees. The soil temperatures are warm and this helps the new plants and trees get rooted and become established in the spring. Planting in the fall means you will need to water the new beds less frequently.  The soil conditions are easy to maintain this time of year since the cool nights help the base of the plants from drying out. Planting now means less weed competition to the plants and less time maintaining the beds since weeds are more active in the spring and summer than in the fall.

Time is on your side this fall to create and install your home’s perfect outdoor environment to enjoy now and have everything in place for the spring and beyond. Talk to us and learn how we can help you create the outdoor environment you want this fall. Let us share with you the new outdoor products to connect your indoor flooring and outdoor patio spaces for seamless connectivity; how lighting transforms and creates visual harmony in the various outdoor entertainment spaces including the advancements in outdoor electronic systems (audio and video) and uncover how you can apply the seven elements of interior design to the outdoors including furnishings, fabrics, textures, and patterns.

outdoor living: kitchen

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