@Properties Severs Ties With Chicago Agent Who Said She ‘Stormed The Capitol’

It’s common knowledge that what you share openly on social media may have repercussions in your professional life. And many who participated in Wednesdays’s riots at the Capitol are learning this the hard way.

This includes former Chicago @Properties agent Libby McCarten Andrews, who shared photos from her travels to Washington D.C., that included posts of her at the Capitol Building and a toast after “storming the capital [sic].”

Courtesy of @Properties

Following Tuesday’s events, @Properties was notified of Andrews involvement and they issued a brief statement.


Wanting to issue further clarification of the their decision to sever ties with Andrews, @Properties released the following additional statement yesterday:

“As a company, @properties has always acknowledged an individual’s right to their own beliefs – political and otherwise. We also respect everyone’s right to peaceful protest. However, @properties unequivocally condemns the actions of the people who ascended the steps of the Capitol Building on January 6 and attempted to threaten the country’s democratic process.”

“This former @properties agent, in her own words, and in images she posted to social media, acknowledges “storming the capital.” The agent’s public pronouncements are antithetical to @properties’ standards of conduct, and as a result, the company made the decision to sever ties.”

Courtesy of @Properties

Since her termination, Andrews has appeared on WBBM Newsradio and said that “All I did was go support my president.” She also attempted to justify her behavior by telling Crain’s Chicago Business that she didn’t go inside the Capitol or take part in ransacking it.


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