10 Great iPhone Apps for the Holidays

]The holidays are here, and so are the apps that make them easier.

Don’t be left in the dust—you’ll want these apps to 1) Get through the holidays 2) Look like you know what you’re doing and 3) Be able to say, “Yeah, I’ve had that app since it was released.”

hiCard (99 cents): Whether you’ve run out of time or relegated certain people to a “real” card versus an email version, here’s one way to get that holiday photo out even faster.

Holiday Snow Globe ($2.99): Who doesn’t like a snow globe?


Holiday Bells (99 cents): You can jingle wherever you want now with a set of bells on your phone.

Holiday Gift List ($1.99): Password protected to keep the kiddos out, you can draft individual shopping lists, edit as you go, set a budget and keep track of all your purchases in one place.

Festive Holiday Cocktails ($3.99): Never be caught without a fabulous drink recipe. Ever.

GQ Style Picks (free): Find yourself fashion-challenged? This app may not dress your son, brother, boyfriend or husband, but it may help you find something so you can.

Target (free): A HUGE timesaver during the holidays, if you plug in your location,  this app helps you locate items in the very store you’re standing in, ready to cry because you can’t find the batteries.

Open Table (free): Leftover turkey only stretches so far—with guests in town, nothing beats being able to find a reservation—quickly.

My Starbucks (free): Don’t get caught without access to your extra-shot, nonfat, venti peppermint mocha.

iTrans Chicago Metra: ($2.99) Need to head downtown? Shopping, entertaining … whatever the reason—now you can have detailed Metra information at your fingertips.

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