6 Things Every Resume Should Have

6 Things Every Resume Should Have

Searching for a job has gone high tech—but it doesn’t mean you can skip the resume.

To land your dream job, no matter the field, you will need a solid resume. The experts at Career Resource Center in Lake Forest recommend these six must-haves for a resume that will get noticed:

1. Experience only from the past 15 years

Resumes are a marketing tool, not just the date and time blow-by-blow history of your work life. Today’s resumes should list only the past 15 years of experience, unless older experience is relevant to the position you are applying for. And when it comes to quality vs. quantity, always list quality experience that highlights relevant skills, talents and experiences.

2. Keywords that pertain to the particular position

Word choice is crucial. Be thoughtful in which keywords you select. Make it easy for a potential employer to see why you are a great fit by crafting a three- to four-sentence profile that includes your strongest accomplishments and competencies as they relate to the open position. HINT: Incorporate keywords directly from the job description as they relate to your past experiences.

3. Bullet points that breathe life into your professional history

Your bullet points should highlight your accomplishments as opposed to lists of responsibilities. Use them to tell stories, and incorporate specific details and numbers.

4. Certifications and advanced training/continuing-education classes

If you have them, list them! These help showcase special skills and are desirable components to any resume.

5. Enough information to properly market yourself

Don’t limit yourself to a single page. You’ve accomplished a lot, and it’s completely acceptable if you need a two-page resume to get that across. One page, 10-point font (or less) resumes are difficult to read!

6. Professional contact information

Show your professionalism by including your professional email address, website and LinkedIn URL along with the contact information.

Have more specific questions or would appreciate an extra set of eyes? Learn how Career Resource Center (CRC) can help you find your dream career.

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