Accessorize Green!

Luckily for your wardrobe and home, recycled fashion no longer translates to outdated hand-me-downs or mothball-infused thrift store buys.

Designers and retailers are clearly thinking outside the blue bin and crafting accessories made from some unusual recycled materials—from bottle caps and gum wrappers to downright garbage!

Read on for MIBs’ list of notable local favorite recycled items and some of our favorite eco-fashion Web sites.


Silken Tent (2300 Chestnut Ave., Glenview, 847-510-1240) Glenview’s lifestyle boutique Silken Tent sells purses made by Engage Green. EG’s accessories are made from material such as recycled paper, plastic and cork. And at prices ranging from $12-$40, their purses aren’t only chic and green–they’re also a bargain!

Notice (2057 Green Bay Rd., Highland Park, 847-432-1212) Notice, in Highland Park, sells its wares with the tagline “Accessories for Life.” Indeed, they are committed to offering consumers eco-friendly options to better their wardrobe and home. Featuring jewelry made from reclaimed ceramic tile and tons of handbags refashioned from recycled materials such as bottle caps and gum wrappers, Notice is a veritable treasure trove of green products to elevate your closet. Handbags range in price from $20–$160 and come in many shapes and sizes, from clutches to large totes.

Yellow Bird Stationery & Gifts (1515 Sheridan Rd., Wilmette, 847-256-1380) Need new desk accessories? A little bird told us that Yellow Bird Stationery & Gifts in Wilmette carries nifty desk organizers, trays, picture frames and wastebaskets crafted from recycled magazines. Let recycled trash hold your bills, pens, desk supplies, favorite memories and–yes–trash!

On the Web

Make It Better loves these Web sites and their commitment to selling products that are both fashionable and environmentally responsible. They’ve already done the research, so you can buy guilt-free.

  • Ecoist offers accessories made from mostly repurposed and sustainable materials, produced in fair trade, sweatshop-free environments.
  • Visit Pristineplanet, a one-stop destination site for eco-friendly products in a bevy of categories.
  • Based out of Portland, Ore., Greenloop is truly comprehensive, allowing users to peruse the cutting-edge fashions of green designers.
  • Over on Etsy, where artisans from all over the world can sell their designs directly to buyers, recycled fashion is big business. Emily Kircher is one example of quite possibly hundreds, who crafts house wares and accessories made from salvaged fabric, glass, bottle caps and books. Check out her online store here.
  • Want to see more? Treehugger is a great source for up-to-the-minute green news, including emerging eco-fashion trends, as are the impressive blogs Greatgreengoods and PrettyByNature.


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