Alden Estates: Why Post-Surgery Joint Replacement Rehab is Essential

The number of hip and knee replacements performed in the United States yearly is currently more than one million and is expected to surpass four million by the year 2030. If you are suffering from severe arthritis or another debilitating joint condition, the chances are you will be among them.

You’re not alone. Joint replacements are more common than ever among a younger demographic because of sports injuries and resulting strain and deterioration.

Recovery Time is Shorter

A primary concern for patients after surgery is the recovery period. Successful patient outcomes are directly related to rehab procedures following surgery. In fact, early recovery from hip and knee replacement has become dramatically easier from a patient’s standpoint.

According to Lindsay McKenzie, administrator at Alden Estates of Skokie, surgical techniques are becoming more advanced, leading to less pain and faster recovery times.

“Surgical technology is becoming more advanced every day,” says McKenzie. “Surgery is less invasive, hospital stays are shorter and people heal quicker.”

The objective of post-surgery rehabilitation is to get you back on your feet and home as quickly as possible.

“The goal of our short-term rehab program is to have people home as quickly and safely as possible,” says Emily Hanson, administrator, Alden Estates of Evanston. “Three years ago, a rehab stay was double what it is today. Today, the average stay is 10 to 14 days, and some are as brief as five—depending on a person’s diagnosis and time required to heal.”

Being Proactive is Smart

The decision you make about your post-surgery rehab can be just as critical as your selection of a surgeon. Here are some tips to follow about post-surgery rehabilitation:

  • Talk to your surgeon. Ask for opinions about their preferred rehab facilities and which ones have the best outcomes.
  • Ask around. Talk to family and friends about their rehab experiences and get recommendations.
  • Plan ahead. Many top rehab facilities can get busy so book ahead.
  • Visit the facility. You’ll be staying there for a week or more, so find one that has good amenities like gourmet food, a place for family to visit and activities to keep you engaged.

“While getting you back on your feet and home is the objective, the trend is to make your stay like being in a five star hotel,” says McKenzie. “At Alden, we strive to set an industry standard others try to reach.”


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