Anti-Aging Skin Treatments at Chicago Spas

Age is subjective. You’re only as young as you look and feel, so try some of these treatments at Chicago spas and you’ll be aging backwards like Benjamin Button in no time.

Chuan Spa

Russian sturgeon caviar and crushed pearls lift this Of the Orient Facial to the height of luxury. After a gentle pineapple peel, two different facial oils are massaged into supple skin to firm and tone the face. A super-hydrating chitosan mask (made with crushed pearls and crustacean shells) by Kerstin Florian is applied over the entire face—even the eyes—to fill and smooth every wrinkle. As the mask works to diffuse environmental damage and restore radiance, your hands and arms receive some TLC. Finally, after the mask is peeled off, caviar and rosehip serum and eye cream are applied, the latter infused into the skin with a Clarisonic Opal, for unbelievable luminescence. 330 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago, 312-923-7650

Photo courtesy of Chuan Spa.

Four Seasons Spa

The Energy Facial here might be so calming as to lull you to sleep, but when you see your glowing skin and lifted face afterward, you’ll be instantly energized and empowered to take on the world. After a gentle exfoliation, a collagen mask strengthens and hydrates skin at a cellular level, restoring firmness and elasticity. Then things get even more high tech with a NuFace micro-current treatment that stimulates facial muscles for immediate tightening and smoothing. Say goodbye to wrinkles with this gentle facelift alternative. 120 E. Delaware Place, Chicago, 312-280-8800


You wouldn’t expect such a calming oasis in a hotel known for wild parties, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the boutique spa on the fifth floor. Natural acids from apples and grapes gently exfoliate, remove dead skin cells and clear clogged pores in this fruit pulp and spice purifying facial using exclusively Eminence Organic products. Anti-aging spices and herbs like stone crop, tara tree gum, primrose and bearberry detoxify the skin, stimulate blood flow and increase cell renewal, leaving you with a smooth, youthful glow. 201 N. State St., Chicago, 312-239-9402

Photo courtesy of Leah Chavie Skincare.

Leah Chavie Skincare

Live laboratory-grown skin cells will give you glowing skin with no downtime with the DNA CryoStem Therapy clinical treatment. The stem cells reprogram your own skin cells to replicate younger, new cells, repairing free radical damage and promoting collagen synthesis. This therapy is great for healing scarring, acne and burns as well as improving skin’s hydration, texture and combatting hyperpigmentation. Leah Chavie recommends using microneedling in conjunction with this treatment to open up oxygen tunnels in the skin, breaking down old scar tissue and allowing for more effective penetration of active ingredients. A stem cell scalp treatment nourishes the hair follicles to encourage stronger, healthier hair growth. 2457 N. Halsted St., Chicago, 773-327-7051

Pinski Dermatology

Pinski Dermatology was the first medical spa in Chicago to offer Dermasweep, a less irritating and more effective alternative to microdermabrasion. A gentle vacuum exfoliation stimulates collagen production and opens your pores for customized infusions that treat fine lines and hyperpigmentation. A stem cell infusion by NuGene is the most popular; it combats free radical damage and helps your cells regenerate and heal themselves. While a medical spa is no Zen-like haven and you won’t be offered tea and a comfy robe, you’re in and out within an hour and leave glowing like an angel. 150 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, 312-263-4625

Cowshed Spa

This UK skincare line’s first serum is a doozy and we can finally get it stateside. The anti-aging perfecting night serum includes a multitude of active ingredients, including Vitamin C extracts and anti-aging lipids to increase elasticity and help skin repair itself. Experience it in the new Skin Perfecting Facial at the Cowshed Spa at Soho House. The 75-minute treatment promises a firmer, smoother and brighter complexion. After a facial cleanse, steam and exfoliation, the new serum, which has a faintly floral smell, is applied with a gentle massage to stimulate blood flow. 113-125 N. Green St., Chicago, 312-521-8000

Photo courtesy of Cowshed Spa.

King Spa

Head to the largest Asian sauna in the country with an adventurous spirit (if you don’t speak Korean). Experience the unique healing properties of various pools and rooms 24 hours a day, seven days a week. According to ancient Korean lore, the amethyst room and yellow soil crystal room extract and absorb toxins from your body. Relax in the ice room to stimulate blood flow and tighten pores or enter the salt room made from 350 million year-old salt rocks to rejuvenate your skin. Full body scrubs are available too, performed by Korean grandmothers who will mercilessly exfoliate you from head to toe. After the cleansing rituals, dine in your bathing suit at the food court, where you can grab a bowl of seaweed soup and soba noodles or Korean favorites like yukgaejang (spicy shredded beef soup with scallions) and bibimbap (mixed rice bowl with pungent chili paste). 809 Civic Center Drive, Niles, 847-972-2540 

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