Beauty Tips for Your Daughter

Frosted eye shadow. Raccoon lined eyes. Sound like your teenage daughter? She may have started wearing makeup but needs some pointers. We’re here to help!

Get your teen in the habit of taking care of her skin at an early age. Start with an SPF moisturizer and daily cleanser. There are many on the market, and each combats different skin types, from dry to oily. Clinique and Neutrogena make good, affordable versions.

A good eyebrow grooming can instantly open up eyes. Most salons, day spas and some makeup counters, like Benefit Brow Bars, will tweeze or wax brows for a reasonable cost. Better that your daughter has her brows professionally plucked as opposed to her attempting it on her own and over-tweezing.

Let her begin with the basics. Mascara and blush are a good place to start. You can find quality mascara and blush at your drugstore. A tinted lip balm, as opposed to lipstick, is age-appropriate and easy for her to apply. CoverGirl Wetslicks, Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer and Kiehl’s Tinted Lip Balm are all great options.

Visit a department store or Sephora makeup counter. The store makeup artist will do your daughter’s makeup for no cost but will expect you to purchase at least a product or two. Don’t spend your money on high-end mascara and lip gloss. Instead, invest in a multifunctional makeup brush, quality powder or tinted moisturizer with SPF. A high-school dance or important occasion is the perfect time to have a professional application. The makeup artist should let your daughter hold a hand mirror so she can learn the steps as the makeup is applied.

Go easy on the eyeliner. A thin coat along the upper lash line only in a neutral shade, such as dark gray or brown, works best. A liner “pen” goes on smoothly and is easiest to use.

Give your daughter Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty or the Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules book. Brown’s philosophy is about wearing minimal makeup to enhance your natural beauty. These books cover the basics of makeup application and offer valuable skincare and makeup tips your daughter can apply to her routine.

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